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The main venue of the event will be Jardins do Marquês de Pombal



Access to the event will be through the main gate of the IGC, find the location HERE


How to get here? 


Lisbon - Oeiras - Cascais CP trains

A direct train line connects Lisbon to Oeiras and Cascais, with both fast and slow trains (on average, 30 minutes of travel - ticket fare: 1.95€).

Fast trains connect Lisbon (Cais do Sodre) to Cascais, with stops in Alcantara and Oeiras.

Slow trains connect Lisbon (Cais do Sodre) to Oeiras, stopping at every station. Download the train schedule HERE


From the Oeiras train station to the IGC (see map)

The Oeiras train station is located at a safe walking distance from the IGC (8 minutes).

Take the left exit from the train station and cross the road to the side of the street where you will find a pharmacy and a restaurant.

Keep walking until you get to an intersection with traffic lights.

Turn left again and cross the road. Welcome to the IGC!

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