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In line with the COLife initiative the PhD student representatives of its' partners institutions got together and created an event to gather all PhD students.

In this event we aim to provide an informal environment for a first contact between PhD communities from COLife institutes. The event will be divided in 3 major activities:


  • Pitch your PhD away: (1) 3 min pitch of your PhD; (2) best advice you were ever given; (3) 2 min overview of cool things in your host institute; (4) worst lab experience that led to an important teaching; (5) what are your future plans; (6) what could we do as PhD COLife community;

  • Community building games: ice-breaker and team building games; 

  • Social event: Beer hour @IGC.


Registrations until 27th of September 6pm

Registration extended until 30th of September @6pm!!


7 de outubro de 2022

Jardins do Palácio Marquês de Pombal, Oeiras, Portugal

2780 Oeiras Lisboa

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