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The Workshop “The Box Experience: Building a Growth Mindset” was developed by Humanpersi based on the model originally developed by Persona Global, a North American company developing learning and assessment solutions with which Humanpersi established a partnership agreement. in 2017, valid for the markets of Portugal and other CPLP countries.

The reality of each of us is defined and limited by the way we see the world, which in turn depends on our conscious and unconscious mind: our box!

In the workshop ““The Box Experience: Building a Growth Mindset”, participants learn to visually represent their inner world (not visible to others) and their outer image (which others see). In a systematic way and facilitated by the Trainer.

In the Workshop there is a step-by-step awareness of the inner world and how this world facilitates or inhibits the overcoming of obstacles that allow us to achieve personal and professional goals – our desires and images of success. Then, the horizons of “our box” (our mind) are expanded, allowing us to think outside the box (or in a “better box”).

Through this 1 day workshop, participants develop strategies that allow them to make the unconscious conscious, the invisible visible and the impossible possible.

"Change is a door that can only be opened from within." How do we do it? Through ‘Box!’

Workshop Goal

The main goal of the Workshop “The Box Experience: Building a Growth Mindset” is to improve the world of each participant, through the acquisition of an increased awareness of what is in their mind (represented by the “box”) limits or enhances your personal well-being and professional performance, and creates conditions for the implementation of a plan for change and personal and professional growth (the basis of the “Growth Mindset”), transforming thoughts, emotions and behaviors based on the removal of barriers and the introduction of enhancers of their wellbeing and professional success.


Participant target

All employees thar need to increase their self-confidence and ability to overcome challenges or with the desire to define a personal and professional development plan.


Content to Learn

  • What does “Think outside the Box” mean? What is the “Box”? Why do we all have a “Box”?
  • The public and private dimensions of our “box”.
  • The appearance of our “Box”. What does it communicate?
  • Behaviors at our best!
  • “My Personal Brand”: what do we want to communicate? What do we want to be said by others when “we left the room”?
  • What are the signs that we need to “think outside the box”?
  • “Puzzling Situation”: how to manage moments of tension or stress.
  • “Change is a door that must be opened from the inside”: some change mantras!
  • Building a Better Box: opening windows and eliminating filters for change.
  • Growth Mindset: feedback and self-knowledge used for behavioral change


Duration and Participants

  • Until 25 Participants -  The register process will be on a first come first served basis.
  • 1 day – 7hours
  • Onsight - The possible Dates for May will be anounced as soon as we riched 20 interested participants.



Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Rua Quinta Grande, Oeiras, Portugal

Rua Quinta Grande 6
2780-156 Oeiras Lisboa

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