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Eligibility rules and other provisions (3rd edition)


1. Eligible researchers must be affiliated to and pursuing their doctoral studies in one of the SymbNET participating institutions (FCG-IGC, CAU, UNIL, ITQB NOVA, EMBL).


2. The project must be developed by the PhD student and include the use of Genomics, Metabolomics or Proteomics in Host-Microbe Symbiosis. It should involve collaboration between FCG-IGC or ITQB NOVA and a SymbNET partner institution (CAU, UNIL or EMBL). i.e.: students from FCG-IGC or ITQB NOVA can apply to collaborate with CAU, UNIL or EMBL, and students from CAU, UNIL or EMBL can apply to collaborate with FCG-IGC or ITQB NOVA.


3. Researchers that receive the award once are not eligible to apply a second time.


4. The funds provided must be used on research expenses that are essential for project completion. Funds can be used by the awardees to buy consumables and internal services. Any other costs (i.e.: indirect costs) are not eligible.


5. Additional funds are available for a secondment with the partner institution. Travel and lodging expenses up to a month for the PhD student will be covered.


6. SymbNET must be acknowledged in publications/communications that may arise from research funded by this award by including the following text: “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952537  (SymbNET Genomics and Metabolomics in a Host-Microbe Symbiosis Network)”. 


7. Publications that arise from work funded by this prize must follow the open access procedures described in article 29 of the Grant Agreement. More information: SymbNET PhD Project Award Regulation_updated_Aug20


8. Projects to be developed must comply with the relevant ethical and legal provisions described in article 34 and Section 5 of the Grant Agreement. More Information: SymbNET PhD Project Award Regulation_updated_Aug20


9. The awardee should use all funds within 10 months counting from the moment the award is communicated to the winner


10. The awardees must provide an activity report including a data management plan and expenses description up to one month after completion of the project. 

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