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[004] Monday, June 17, 2024 | Certificate of attendance

If you need the certificate of attendance, please send an email to

We will reply to your email, in a couple of days, with the certificate attached.


[003] Thursday, June 5, 2024 | Abstract e-book

We are pleased to inform you that the abstract e-book of the SymbNET International Conference on Host-Microbe Symbiosis, held from the 10th to 13th of June 2024, is now available.

This e-book includes all the presentations and posters to be presented during the event, list of participants and other relevant information related to the location, venue, and activities.

Please find the abstract e-book in your mailbox.


[002] Friday, May 31, 2024 | Additional nights at the Hotel

Dear all, if you require additional nights beyond those included in the event schedule at the Conference Venue, kindly reach out to the Hotel directly to make arrangements. Make sure you receive a confirmation from us or the Hotel.


[001] Wednesday, May 29, 2024 | Check-In and Conference Information

As the conference date approaches, we wanted to provide you with important information regarding your check-in at the hotel and other practical details about the conference.

1. Hotel Check-In:

Check-in will be conducted upon your arrival at the hotel. However, please note that the official check-in time is 3:30 PM. If your room is not yet available upon arrival, the hotel has planned to store your luggage in a dedicated room and your bags labelled with your room number. Once your room is ready, the hotel staff will transport your luggage to your assigned room and notify you accordingly.

 2. Abstract E-Book:

Early next week, we will send out the Abstract e-book via email. If you would also like to receive a printed copy, please respond by email by Friday, May 31st, indicating your preference.

 3. Presentation Slides:

Regarding the presentation slides (PowerPoint), please contact me at the venue, preferably the day before your presentation, if applicable, or at the latest by the coffee break preceding your session. This will allow us to upload and test the presentations on the audiovisual equipment available at the venue to ensure everything runs smoothly.

4. Social Activity:

For those attending the social activity, please remember to bring comfortable and light clothing, as the forecast for Faro is ~30ºC. Additionally, we recommend bringing sunscreen and a hat for extra protection.

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