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Rules to use idloom PLATFORM at IGC


Access to idloom platform is for IGC staff only. Users should never share their passwords.


None of the information contained in the events databases (in particular personal information from participants) should be shared with non-organizers of the event.


If the organizing committe includes members that are not IGC staff, all information shared with them should be sent in a password protected document. Password should be sent in a seperate email. External organizers must confirm in writing that they will comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Please only use elements of our pre approved form. This will consist in the form that we will give you access to. If you need to change the form or include other questions please contact the Collaborative Centre first (Scievents team)


If you run into problems using the platform, please contact the Collaborative Centre (Scievents Team). DO NOT CONTACT IDLOOM SUPPORT DIRECTLY

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