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March 31, 2023

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

Rua da Quinta Grande 6
2780-156 Oeiras Lisbon


We have planned three different workshops for the afternoon session of "Trends in Nanoscopy": 

          WS1) SMLM and Spectral unmixing at the SAF360-System from Abbelight

          WS2) Expansion Micrsocopy: Sample preparation and imaging

Expansion microscopy (ExM) is a physical form of magnification that increases the effective resolving power of any microscope. For this the sample is embedded in a sewable hydrogel which allows to physically expand the sample itself. This enables nanoscale-resolution imaging of fixed cells and tissues on conventional diffraction-limited microscopes. In the workshop you will be able to get some hands-on experience with sample handling and directly compare the resolution achieved in unexpanded and expanded samples with confocal microscopy.

          WS3) Image Processing and Analysis: In silico super resolution

Super-resolution microscopy has enabled users to study biological samples at the nanoscale. However, these methods often required specialised and expensive equipment. In silico approaches allow users to have access to super-resolution images while using conventional and affordable light microscopes.
The workshop proposes a hands-on demonstration of the recently available user-friendly tools for super-resolution microscopy: NanoPyx (SRRF, SQUIRREL) and the BioImage Model Zoo (deep learning).


The workshops will be led by: 

Estibaliz Gómez de Mariscal

"Image Processing and Analysis: In silico super resolution" Workshop

Bruno Saraiva

"Image Processing and Analysis: In silico super resolution" Workshop

Inês Cunha

"Image Processing and Analysis: In silico super resolution" Workshop

Ivan Hidalgo Cenalmor

Image Processing and Analysis: In silico super resolution

Mario Del Rosario

"Expansion Microscopy: Sample preparation and imaging" Workshop

Mariana Ferreira

"Expansion Microscopy: Sample preparation and imaging" Workshop

Abbelight team

"SMLM and Spectral-unmixing" Workshop



The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) will be the host institution for the "Beyond Diffraction: Trends in Nanoscopy" workshop, located in Oeiras, Portugal, close to the capital city of Lisbon. The IGC is a multidisciplinary research institute, that invests in innovative training, and transforming society through science. It is part of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, a foundation with charitable, artistic, educational and scientific aims.




Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

Rua da Quinta Grande, 6

2780-156 Oeiras



How to get to Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC)?

From the airport (Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, Lisboa):

The metro station can be found outside the Arrivals at Terminal 1 in Lisbon Airport. Metro tickets can be purchased at vending machines in the Airport station and have a cost of 1.50€ (plus 0,50€ for the card - paid only once; can be reused).

1 - Take the metro (red line) towards São Sebastião and get off in Alameda (~16 minutes trip).

2 - In Alameda, take the metro (green line) towards Cais do Sodré (~8 minutes trip).

3 - Get off in Cais do Sodré and walk to the train terminal to take the train towards Cascais and get off in Oeiras (17 or 24 minutes trip depending on the train). Train tickets cost 1.95€.

4 - Get off in Oeiras train station and take the exit to your left. The Oeiras train station is located at a safe walking distance from the IGC (6 minutes).

5 - Cross the road to the side of the street where you will find a pharmacy and a restaurant.

6 - Keep walking until you get to an intersection with traffic lights.

7 - Turn left again and cross the road. Welcome to the IGC!



Check how to get to IGC using Google Maps here!

Getting to FOM2023: 

There is a fast train connecting Lisbon (Sta. Apolónia) and Porto (Campanha) in less than 3 hours, the Alfa Pendular. You can find information and timetables here.

As an alternative there is also buses going from Lisbon (Oriente) to Porto (Campanha) in 3hr15min, e.g. operated by Flixbus.

Where to stay

Where to stay

These are accommodations located close by: 


In Carcavelos: 

By train: ~13 minutes walking  to the Carcavelos Train Station + 6 minutes to Oeiras Train Station + 6 minutes walking to IGC -

Walking: ~40 min walking

Hotel Riviera 

Address: R. Bartolomeu Dias, 2775-551 Carcavelos

Phone: + 351 21 458 6600



Hotel Praia Mar

Address: R. Gurué 16, 2775-581 Carcavelos

Phone: + 351 21 458 5100



Abla Guesthouse
Address: Praceta Infante Dom Henrique 80, 2775-004 Carcavelos

Phone: + 351 214548114

In Parço de Arcos

By train: ~10 minutes walking to the Parço de Arcos Train Station Carcavelos Train + 6 minutes to Oeiras Train Station + 6 minutes walking to IGC -

Walking: ~40 min walking

Hotel Solar das Palmeiras

Address: Av. Marginal, Curva dos Pinheiros, 142, Paço de Arcos

Phone: + 351 21 446 8300





This workshop is organized by the

Henriques Lab at IGC and Abbelight.

Ricardo Henriques

Group Leader

Leonor Morgado

PhD Student

Hannah S. Heil


Valentina Caorsi

Head R&D Imaging

Deborah Keller-Olivier

Head of Scientific Support

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