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Building Bridges in Biology Symposium

1st-3rd of March 2023, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal


The Building Bridges in Biology Symposium brings together scientists from different fields in Biology, ranging from cell and molecular biology, to development, immunology, ecology, and evolution. Each day of the symposium will not focus on a specific field or topic, but rather on overarching concepts related to how one approaches their object of study. The aim is to explore biological systems from different perspectives into creating new connections and collaborations between fields.

This symposium will bring all participants into a thought-provoking setting and invite them to look into their own research and that of others from an entirely different angle. 

1st of March - Within the system - How do biological systems depend on their components?

2nd of March - Between systems - How do biological systems interact?

3rd of March - Changes to the system - How do biological systems change upon perturbation?

What unexpected connections can arise from intertwining collective cell migration, ecological principles and the immune system? Or from cancer and climate change? Explore more about our concept here!


Check out our list of Speakers and Programme


Important dates & details


  • Early bird registration: 16th 24th of January 2023
  • Late registration: 13th of February 2023
       Early Bird    Late registration
Academia 100 € 150 €
Industry 200 € 250 €


Poster and Oral communications:

All participants are encouraged to present their work. Upon registration, you will be asked which is the prefered format of communication (Poster, Selected Talk or Selected Flash Talk). Do not forget to apply for a Selected Talk and/or a Selected Flash Talk! Being selected for an oral communication does not exclude the Poster communication. 

  • Abstract submission deadline: 16th 24th of January 2023


Registration Waivers

Diversity is paramount to the success of our symposium. We encourage and welcome all who are interested in our concept to apply and submit their work.

Is your lab unable to support your participation in our symposium due to lack of funding? Are you from a low-income country? Do not worry, you can still participate in our symposium!

We have a limited number of Registration Waivers that you can apply for. Upon registration, fill in the Registration Waiver form with all the required information regarding your lab and country. Finally, add a short text explaining the main reasons why you need the Registration Waiver and how you would benefit from it. Our selection committee will then contact you with the results of your application.

Deadline: 16 January 2023



During the event meals will be vegetarian by default. However, you may choose different dietary options upon registration (e.g. include meat and/or fish, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, etc). In addition, we will only use plastic-free sustainable materials during coffee breaks and will provide reusable glasses for water consumption. Participants may also bring their own reusable bottles and refill them in the several water dispensers available in the venue. 



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