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Conscious Productivity Course

The main aim of the "Conscious Productivity and Wellbeing" programs is to make participants more aware by helping them to overcome their current productivity challenges, with less effort, less stress, and with an adequate level of personal organization, therefore improving work-life balance and well-being.


In this course, you will learn about:

The three pilars of personal productivity

  1. Control - information workflow, tasks and projects
  2. Perspective - ability to prioritise, optimising purpose and results
  3. Focus - presence and ability to execute with low levels of stress


Systems and tools

  1. Inboxes, work queues
  2. Daily, weekly and monthly guides
  3. Email, calendar and archive


Interpersonal productivity

  1. Manage commitment
  2. Delegation, responsibility, effective communication
  3. Meetings


Personal energy management and wellbeing

  1. Physical - impact of sleep, nutrition, and physical exercise
  2. Mental - focus development
  3. Emotional - emotional self-wareness and procrastination


Feedback from previous editions at IGC:

The course turned out to be a great surprise to me.

I realize that the wellbeing is actually the most important tool to increase productivity. The course demonstrates this in various formats, but specially by giving us actionable tolls that we can put to the test from session to session.

Even tough I think I knew much of the science of wellbeing I never looked at it in the context of productivity, which is really great! Well done!


Number of available places: 15

Registration deadline: 30th of September 2022

See the Schedule section for more information.

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